Blasphemous… I have never really understood that word. Until now…
What does it mean to someone whose faith has been insulted? What are they going through? Does it hurt? Emotionally? Physically?
I never really grasped the idea…

I was recently watching a television show and as the story unfolded I came across an odd little situation. It was about a manuscript written by a writer. It was the original and there was only one copy of it. Its handed down to someone to read and the story slowly unfolded from there.

As a writer myself I am awfully aware of the tiny details that is put into story telling. There are always subtle clues as what might happen next and if you have a keen eye you can easily catch them.

As I was watching the show I slowly began to realize that the writer to make the story exciting had to destroy the manuscript in one way or another. The moment that thought hit me, I just couldn’t watch the show anymore. I just sat there as if a tragedy had just hit me… moments away from breaking down into tears.

I have in my lifetime experienced enough spiritual moments but this one surprised me the most. My reaction to something so visibly simple made me realize what I truly considered holy.

I have no idea what happened next in the story but I am hoping the manuscript survived… for my sake :)

  • I know how you feel!

    Hey it’s me, The Phoenix, by the way. Lost track of you. I hope you’re doing well and it’s great to see that you’re still blogging after all of these years.