What If…

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Here is a question: Is the Red Blood Cell in your blood alive?

I know technically Cells are the simplest unit of a living organism that can replicate and performs a particular function. They don’t “live” technically but living organisms cant exist without them.

So, RBCs perform really useful functions in your body and if all the RBC in your body became non functional, it would kill you.

Now for a thought experiment, imagine the Earth as a this huge living organism. It doesn’t have say the traditional blood delivery system but has other active systems in it, read tectonic plates, weather systems, ocean currents etc.

What if we, humans are just the equivalent of RBC to the Earth? What if we are here to perform a function in keeping it alive. What if that function was an unconscious side effect of our existence… Like say generate carbon dioxide for the earth.

We seem to have warmed up so lets go a little more crazy… Our body has anti-bodies that detect and eliminate foreign agents in the body. These are called on whenever an incident that might need them occurs (cuts, fever, infection etc.) and do the work they are intended for.

What if humans performed a similar function on earth. We exist in specific pockets of the world as our functions are best done here. Earth keeps it in check by using its weather systems and other systems.

Maybe that’s why we have different races, our minute differences in color, body structure and other features might just be to suit this humongous organism’s requirements. Just like specialized cells in our body.

Since we have come this far, lets raise the stakes… What if the earth itself was like a cell to the Solar System or the Milky Way?

What if..