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Arziyan(Delhi 6) – Lyrics Translation

If someone had to pick a list of AR. Rehman’s finest works, Kun Faya Kun(Rockstar) and Arziyan(Delhi 6) would easily be on the top of that list. Written by Prasoon Joshi and shot in the beautiful Jama Masjid in Old Delhi, the song has truly a life of its own.

I am a huge fan of sufi music and when songs like Arziyan make it to mainstream bollywood movies, it brings me immense joy. Whats more, this song features the voice of Kailash Kher, one of my favorite singers who has one of the finest voices suited for Sufi and rustic Indian songs.

Song: Arziyan
Movie: Delhi 6 (2009)
Music: A.R. Rehman
Lyrics: Prasoon Joshi
Singer: Javed Ali, Kailash Kher

Arziyaan sari mein, chehre pe likh ke laaya hoon,
Tumse kya mangu mein, tum khud hi samjah lo…
Ya maula…, maula maula maula mere maula

All my desires, are written on my face
What can I ask from you, you interpret yourself
O lord… lord, my lord

{adinserter 2}

Dararein dararein hai maathe pe maula
Maramat mukdar ki kar do maula, mere maula..
Tere dar pe jhuka hoon mita hoon bana hoon
Marammat mukdar ki kar do maula..

My forehead is scarred, O Lord (my fate is cursed)
Repair my fortune O lord, my lord
I am bowing at your doorstep, I have been destroyed and rejuvenated
Repair my fortune O lord

Jo bhi tere dar aaya, juhkne jo sar aaya
Mastiyan piye sabko, jhoomta nazar aaya
Pyaas le ke aaya tha, dariya woh bhar laya
Noor ki barish mein beeghta sa tar aaya

Whoever has come to your doorstep, whoever has come to bow at your feet
Everyone saw him dancing, drunk in trace
He had come thirsty, and you filled the river
In the rain of light, he was drenched and he swam out…

O ek khusbu aati thi, main bhatakta jata tha
Reshmi si maya thi, aur mein takta jata tha
Jab teri gali aaya, sach tabhi nazar aaya
Mujhame woh khusboo thi, jisse tu ne milwaya

There comes a fragrance and I was lost in its search
There was a silken aura and I was drawn to it
When I came to your lane, only then I saw the truth
The fragrance was in me, that you made me realize it

Tut ke bikharna mujhko zarur aata hai
Varna ibbadat wala sarur aata hai
Sajde mein rehne do, abb kahin na jaunga
Abb jo tumne tukhraya to sawar na paunga

I know how to break from within and scatter into pieces
Except that I only know the joy of praying
Let me meditate at your feet, I will not go anywhere now
Now if you reject me, then I will never be able to recover

Sar utha ke maine to kitni khwahishe ki thi
Kitne khwaab dekhe the, kitni khosishe ki thi
Jab tu rubaru aaya…
Jab tu rubaru aaya nazarein na mila paya
Sar jhuka ke ek pal mein… ooo
Sar jhuka ke ek pal mein mene kya nahi paya

In arrogance, I had demanded my desires,
I had seen so many dreams, I endlessly tried
But when you appeared in front of me…
But when you appeared in front of me, I could not look into your eyes
By bowing head, in a second…
By bowing head, in a second, I attained all that I deserved

Mora piya ghar aaya… mora piya ghar aaya
My beloved has come home… my beloved has come home